AI Driven Workforce Risk Assessments & Analytics

Plannly Health is a cloud-based solution that autonomously detects workforce risks through personalized assessments, requiring no integrations and functioning seamlessly as a stand-alone platform.

Identification & Assessment

Plannly Health's Advance Risk Detection AI (ARDAI) takes a proactive stance in identifying and reporting the risks of burnout in healthcare through AI driven personalized assessments.

Chronic Stress Identification

Effective identification of stressors faced by healthcare workers, enabling timely intervention and support.

Workload Identification

Identifying high workload patterns in healthcare workers, aiding in early recognition and intervention.

Resources Deficiency Identification

Proactive identification with resources deficiency and providing detailed insights about how to intervene on timely manner.

Prioritization & Mitigation

By leveraging real-time data, ARDAI delivers recommendations and insights to provide valuable analytics and support to healthcare organizations in combating burnout.

JIT Recommendations

ARDAI delivers tailored recommendations designed to optimize organizational strategies in combating burnout, thereby enhancing overall workforce satisfaction.

Prevention Strategies

ARDAI provides insights about proactive prevention strategies to preempt stress, high workload, and burnout, helping healthcare organizations cultivate a healthier work environment and reduce the onset of these issues.

Intervention Strategies

ARDAI provides insights for targeted intervention strategies that address key issues like stress, high workload, and burnout, aiming to mitigate their negative impact on healthcare professionals.

Workforce Insights & Analytics

Harness the power of comprehensive reporting and analytics to make data-driven decisions in risk management.

Timely Insights

Insights for timely intervention, assisting healthcare organizations in addressing emerging issues and preventing adverse outcomes.

Actionable Reports

Robust  analytics to make data-driven decisions, leveraging comprehensive workforce insights to improve productivity, identify trends, patterns, and risks, and drive strategic planning in your healthcare organization.

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